El Rufai: Northern Leaders are the Enemies of their People – Kehinde Fayanju

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Nigeria is two countries in one: Backward North, developing South -El Rufai

On one side, the northern leaders are the enemies of their people. However, on the other, the youth are too wild and uncontrollable. And collectively, the politicians use their youthfulness and wildness to achieve their ends.

To crown it all, they make it looks like it is the southerners that are responsible for the northern problems.

Most of those who propel themselves to the position of leadership in Nigeria know they are the problems of the general masses, because they have chosen to feather their own nests at the expense of the general masses.

The children of the northern leaders go to school, but would not encourage their people to see the goodness of education.

El Rufai, who is now crooning the backwardness of the north, came to Lagos sometimes ago to teach Lagosians, who are more sophisticated than him how to do away with Godfatherism. As though they cried to him for help. A man whose house was on fire, went to kill roaches in another man’s house.

Somehow, the north has become the proverbial house made with spittle. The north has more states and local government areas than the south. Therefore, revenues accrued to the region automatically surpasses that of the south.

Even at this, El Rufai, whether genuinely or derisively has compared the north with Afghanistan in terms of developmental retardation. Can someone ask him, what program has he laid out for the ever increasing and uncontrollable youths of Kaduna state?

He only fuels crisis across religious divides and you can see that in his attack on the church.

People from the south are purely more purpose driven than their rivals in the north, which is why the south is more developed. They have also embraced education so tenaciously for more than hundred years. Education, ordinarily, makes people easy to govern and difficult to drive.

Nevertheless, people like El Rufai, Ango Abdulahi and Tanko Yakassai of this world, send their children to be sufficiently educated, however, they have left the general masses to wallow in ignorance and poverty of a cataclysmic dimension.

The leaders know this fact, which is the reason they prefer the al manjaris lifestyle for the teeming youths

The southerners are the architect of their own development, not government. But the northerners lean on the federal government for survival. They also chose to embrace regimental ways of life, and the outcome is what they are seeing.

El Rufai mentioned Dangote as the wealthiest Nigeria in his speech, as though only the north made Dangote. Without the south where will Dangote have been?

Ask Dangote now.

All the problems of the north are self inflicted, they will continue to drag as long as they try continue to compare their growth with the south.

Every nation has its pace, that is how God made the world, the rate of development of Britain is different from United States’ the same applies to other nations of the world.

The north has resulted to mitigating the growth of the southern states through underhanded politics play.

Most of the leaders from the north have visibly demonstrated their lack of understanding of progressive ideals. Babangida spent billions of naira to commence an electoral process and ultimately annulled it at the final stage.

Abacha held the country by the jugular for for more than half of a decade and eventually looted it dry. Buhari claimed that Abacha did not steal and he is now receiving Abacha’s loot endlessly.

How can Buhari’s administration succeed when it abandons serious governmental ideals to embraces settling up Fulani Herdsmen as the arrowhead of its programs?

The north is not only backward, it is also insincere and tearing the nation apart. How can the President, who swore to protect the nation and her people be employing dirty politics to favour one ethnic nationality against the others?

Now, the Federal government is forcing southern states to accept Ruga settlements which is alien to our culture and orientation.

To what purpose or end?

Providence enjoys equality, there is no rest for the wicked. If you are not working or schooling when you needed to, you are doing wickedness to your future. This applies fittingly to the north.

Fulani herdsmen have caused more damage to the country than any known organization and President Buhari has not questioned them? Rather than reprimand the myetti allah, the President plays the devils advocate, pampering them.

How can the north grow when it works against the progressive propositions of the south?

How can the President asked the World Bank President to tilt more projects to the north against the south. Is he not craftily slowing down the pace of the southern development, so that north could catch up.

Only God can save Nigeria, because Buhari’s self confessed clumsiness and lack of modernization as a product of the north has torn Nigeria into shreds already.

In the case of El Rufai, he is part of the problems of the north. He is an arrogant person who verbosely and shamelessly proclaimed he paid some killers to stop them from killing.

How mad does that sound?

What can be achieved through falseness and hollowness? The south ought to have made more progress than they have, were it not for the northerners, who have systematically added unnecessary yokes to the southern load.

All the serious minded persons from the south, who had the capabilities to move Nigeria forward were rejected by the North.

How can we not realize there is a price associated with rejecting Obafemi Awolowo?

Who can cost annulment of June 12 presidential election?

The northern Youth have become an untamed bloc as they always threaten southerners with leave order at every slight misunderstanding. How can a region see development when foreigners are constantly being threatened and not provided enabling atmosphere to settle down.

What kind of development does El Rufai wants, when Igbo and Yoruba and other ethnic nationalities are regularly given ultimatum to leave whenever opinions clash.

Where is the foreign investor that will come to the north as volatile as uncontrollable as it is? The south is also more sophisticated in terms of accommodation and in provision of profitable ambiance.

From here, it is glaring that the north is indirectly working against itself by dealing maliciously against the interests and development of the southerners, basically, these are the reasons for the general backwardness of Nigeria.

It takes insincerity and wickedness to even think the north is more backward than the south. The South West ought to have surpassed the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Arabian peninsula had Nigeria not tampered with her developmental growth and direction.

Ahmadu Bello did all possible evils to end Awolowo’s political and developmental career, but who triumphed in the end?

The leaders and the youths of the north so detest the southerners and every good wind blowing from the south towards the north must be rejected, because it is from the south.

At the end of the today, the north is ridiculously backward still.

Who is bearing the brunt of backwardness now?

It is everybody.

The north only wants leadership, not minding whether the person is prepared or not. Whereas, the position of leadership has only succeeded in taking the north to the backwoods of modern civilization.

The north is practically in a war situation, due to banditry, herdsmen and boko haram problems. Meanwhile, all service chiefs are from the north.

What’s going on in Nigeria?

Is there a government in place?

Why is ethnic division and desire to leave the union so high?

In my opinion, the latest problem of the north is their position towards restructuring. The only solution to the myriads of problems facing the north and entire nation is restructuring.

The future of every nation lies in their hands, the north must have been dreaming at noon to think the Niger Deltan oil is their lifeline.

Their lifeline resides in education, that is fundamental. From there, they can build Rugas in every street and become number one exporter of meat and dairy products.

The north is bound to remain backward, and south will continue in its snail speed, as long as we refuse to toe the direction great nations of the world have toed.

It is the idea of Nigeria that connotes backwardness to the north and south altogether. But it is the hostility and insincerity of the north that made the region backwardness yawning.

Kenny Uke Fayanju is an online political commentator.

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