Don’t run in 2019, Obasanjo warns Buhari

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek reelection as he is incapable of solving Nigeria’s problems.

Obasanjo, who backed Buhari in 2015, said the president’s age and his state of health will make it impossible for the leader to govern well.

Obasanjo in a published statement on Tuesday said the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC and the main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, can not help Nigeria move forward. He promised to back a fresh political party that will be broad based.

Obasanjo said that “President Buhari needs a dignified and honourable dismount” from leading the Nigerian people.

He needs to have time to reflect, refurbish physically and recoup and after appropriate rest, once again, join the stock of Nigerian leaders whose experience, influence, wisdom and outreach can be deployed on the sideline for the good of the country, Obasanjo said.

“I only appeal to brother Buhari to consider a deserved rest at this point in time and at this age. I continue to wish him robust health to enjoy his retirement from active public service. President Buhari does not necessarily need to heed my advice. But whether or not he heeds it, Nigeria needs to move on and move forward,” the former president said in his statement.

Buhari is yet to openly declare his reelection bid but has given leaders of his party the nod to begin preparations for his reelection.

Obasanjo was in Liberia Monday alongside several influential Nigerian politicians and businessmen to witness the swearing in of President George Weah.



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