Demola! Alleged ballot box snatcher stoned in Lagos survives

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Demola, an Odua Peoples Congress(OPC) leader attacked by voters for allegedly snatching ballot boxes on Saturday has survived.

Today’s Echo gathers that Demola, who is severely injured is currently recuperating in a hospital.

In a very disturbing video posted on Twitter, Demola is seen lying unconscious in a pool of blood as people haul huge stones at him.

“That is Demola! That is Demola! He is the one leading thugs to snatch ballot boxes,” a voice screams repeatedly in the background.

A more recent video has however, been posted on Twitter showing him on a stretcher in an undisclosed hospital.

“Thank God. Shame to those trying to promote Igbo Vs Yoruba. it turns out ballot destroyer and snatcher Demola of the OPC did not die. he was rescued somehow,” the poster said.

See video below:

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