Dele Belogore to run for Kwara Governorship on APC platform

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A lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Muhammad Dele Belgore (SAN) at the weekend said he would run for the office of Kwara Governor next year, saying it was time Kwara reclaimed its rightful place as a first generation state.

Belgore commended his supporters for staying true to the ideal of good governance and community values he represents.

He however added that a formal declaration would be made at a news briefing in the coming days adding that his visit was to carry along his political base across the north-central state.

According to him, “At the moment, our state remains at the lowest wrung of socio-economic development despite being among the oldest states. It is a third-tier state in terms of development. We desire to make it claim its place in history.

“We thank you for standing firm. We thank all the people of our state for their support. Your intimidating presence here suggests that we remain the choice of the masses. We will continue to champion your cause. To that end, I want to tell you that I have obtained the form to run for governorship on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“At the moment, the line between Kwara’s wealth and some private estate is disturbingly blurred. Our political leadership is more concerned about keeping our people perpetually subservient to some political machinery oiled with public funds much less than it is concerned about our public good.

“We educate our children and painfully watch as they remain unemployed. God forbid it that we or any member of our family fall sick – our hospitals have more or less become death traps. I am sure that these are personal and painful experiences you have encountered or heard about. Yet we read in the newspapers that Kwara State’s internally generated revenue (IGR) is now one of the highest in Nigeria.”

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