Cloning Buhari is not possible: Prof Boroffice

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Rumour has been abounding that the man in the state house at the moment is a cloned man and not President Buhari that was sworn in in May 2015. The rumor mongers alleged that the person who is currently in the villa is a Sudan whose name is Jubril Aminu.

A former director of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and Senator, Prof Ajayi Boroffice has debunked the theory, saying it is impossible.

Senator Ajayi Boroffice who has a Ph.D in Human Genetics and currently represents Ondo North in the Senate, on Monday released a statement, saying that there is no way in the world a 75-year-old man can be cloned.

According to him, for a 75-year-old man to be cloned, it would take another 75 years for his cloned body to become effective.

See his full statement below:

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