Breaking: Turkey Agrees to a Ceasefire in Syria After US Intervention

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SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 17 – Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire in Syria after American envoys, US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State MIke Pompeo visited Turkey to speak with President Recep Tayip Erdogan.

According to Mike Pence, the US will not impose any further sanctions on Turkey. In return, Turkey will stop its incursion into northern Syria and withdraw its forces.

In the meantime, the Kurds will be safe but their forces will withdraw from a 30-mile ‘safe zone’in the area to allow Turkey carry out its resettlement plan for Syrian refugees.

US President Donald Trump has come under heavy criticism after ordering American forces to withdraw from Northern Syria in the face of Turkish onslaughts against the Kurds who are traditional allies of the US.

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