Breaking: Buhari makes new set of promises

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In the aftermath of the APC caucus meeting yesterday and the NEC meeting today, president Buhari has come out with a new set of promises for the party and for Nigerians.

Apparently reacting to the dissatisfaction of many within and outside the APC with his government, the president has promised broader and more inclusive reforms.

In a series of tweets released a few hours ago, the president acknowledged that a lot still has to be done, saying There are still quite a number of challenges before us, and we are well aware of these'”

He therefore, promised to reconstitute the Boards of Parastatals, which he had promised to do since last year but had failed to. In the words of the president, “I said last year that we would shortly reconstitute the Boards of Parastatals. I regret the fact that we’ve not done so, for many reasons. I know that our supporters are also very eager for these Board appointments to be announced. By God’s grace they will be announced soon”

Buhari also promised to increase the size of the Federal Executive Council to accommodate more of his loyalists.

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