Breaking: Buhari Approves Nigerian Visa on Arrival For All Africans

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SWITZERLAND, DECEMBER 12 – President Muhammadu Buhari has announced the approval of visas on arrival for all Africans coming to Nigeria, beginning from January 2020.

From January 2020, there will be no need for paperwork beforehand. President Muhammadu Buhari says the measure, to be introduced in January, supports “the free movement of Africans within Africa”

President Buhari made the announcement while attending the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development in Africa, taking place in Egypt. The finer details of the new policy are yet to be revealed.

Up to date, only holders of the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) passport could come into Nigeria without the need for visas. Citizens of few other countries with which Nigeria had agreements with could come into the country and obtain a visa on arrival.

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