Breaking: 2 Feared Dead as Violence Breaks out at Ajah, Area Boys Exchange Gunfire With Police

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 19 – Violence has reportedly broken out in the Ajah area of Lagos with sporadic exchange of gunfire between police and Area Boys, eyewitnesses have told Today’s Echo.

One eyewitness told Today’s Echo that 2 people have been killed. Some vehicles have also reportedly been set on fire.

Mr Aginah, an eyewitness who saw the fighting on Wednesday morning told Today’s Echo:

“On my way to work, I drove through Ajah roundabout. While approaching Ilaje along the road, I saw pwople running towards the opposite direction and heard sporadic gunshots. It was scary. I saw many drivers abandon their vehicles on the road to flee for their lives.”

A Twitter user said:

“Currently at Ajah, passengers and drivers are coming down from their vehicles and retreating in fear because of the fight caused by thugs & area boys. They were even wielding weapons and snatching mobile phones from victims. Be careful. Just witnessed it.”

Today’s Echo gathered that Ajah and its environs have been engulfed in violence since Olumegbon, a powerful chieftain in the area died.

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