Boko Haram: NRC urges Nigeria and Cameroon to provide for refugees fleeing from Rann

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The Norwegian Refugee Council(NRC) has called upon the Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities to provide for refugees fleeing Boko Haram violence from border towns in Nigeria into Cameroon.

This was said in a statement released by the international organization, providing welfare for people displaced in the bloody conflict that has killed over 20,000 people in North-East Nigeria.

The statement reads:

“The Norwegian Refugee Council calls for Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities to provide immediate assistance to thousands of Nigerian civilians fleeing violence. Last week, UNHCR reported that more than 9000 Nigerians had crossed to Cameroon where they were denied refuge following a deadly attack against the town of Rann, in northeast Nigeria. The forced return of civilians to areas of violence is a breach of international and regional agreements, such as the Tripartite Agreement, that guarantee the protection and human rights of forcibly displaced persons.

The authorities on both sides of the border should provide necessary assistance and safety for the displaced people and allow aid workers to assist.

The Norwegian Refugee Council is deeply concerned by the recent violence. Currently, there is no aid organisation left in Rann to make an accurate assessment of the humanitarian needs and of the number of people remaining in the town”

Today’s Echo had reported last Friday that over 8,000 civilians have fled into neighbouring Cameroon after a deadly attack on Rann, according to Aid organisation Medecins San Frontieres (MSF)

The MSF said it was preparing to assist about 15,000 people with  food, water and medical care.

The organisation said many of the refugees have spent the night outdoors without shelters.

“Many of these locals are children, breastfeeding mother and pregnant women,” MSF said.

It said a team consisting of medical and logistical staff have been distributing food and water, and are providing emergency medical care.

Rann has suffered attacks by Boko Haram and a case of mistaken firing by the Nigerian Air Force in January 2017, leading to the death of many.

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