Ben Murray Bruce campares Buhari and Jonathan’s regimes, says 2019 is for Atiku

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Bayelsa State senator and former Silverbird entertainment CEO, Ben Murray Bruce has drawn some comparisons between the Buhari and Jonathan regimes, saying that the fact speaks for themselves

Under Jonathan, 1 dollar was 190 naira while 1 dollar is 360 naira under Buhari

According to the senator, Nigeria’s performance on some indices has become worse since Buhari took over.

See the table below:

Ben Murray Bruce also said 2019 is Atiku’s time and thatthe campaign towards the 2019 election should be dominated by issues.

“2019 is Atiku time and now that all the political parties have chosen their flag bearers, it is very important that the electioneering campaign between now and February, 2019, be dominated by issues rather than pettiness, insults, abuse and pedestrian behaviour.

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