At Least One Dead As Police Fire on Shiites Observing the Ashura Procession

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 10 – At least one person has been confirmed dead as security forces clash with Shia Muslims across the country during the celebration of their Ashura festival.

The Nigerian Shia group, Islamic Movement in Nigeria, said its members were killed in attempts by the police to stop the procession across Nigeria.

The Police had said in a statement on Tuesday that it would treat the planned procession as “a gathering in advancement of terrorism”.

The Ashura procession marks the tenth day of the first month in the Islamic calendar.

The Shiite members said the police shot and killed three of their members in Kaduna and one person in Bauchi State.

The secretary of the group’s academic forum, Abdullahi Musa, said that there were shootings in various states where the protests held.

“We held the protest in Abuja and it has ended peacefully because the police did not meet us before it ended. But in Kaduna I understand that three people were killed when security tried to stop our members,” he said.

Today’s Echo gathers that tension is building up in Gombe as Nigeria.

Police open fire with live ammunitions on Zakzaky’s followers during Ashura in Nigeria procession. ‬ ‪1 confirmed dead as many with various degree of injuries. ‬

“There were also shootings in Lela, Sokoto state, Azare in Bauchi state and in Katsina state too, where the protest was held. They used teargas to disperse our members.”

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