Assault at Sex Toy Shop: Seven Things you Should Know about Senator Elisha Abbo

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 03 – One of the hottest issues currently is a video clip depicting a Nigerian Senator, Elisha Ishaku Abbo assaulting a female sales officer at an undisclosed sex toy shop in Abuja.

The video has sparked outrage across the country and many Nigerians have taken to the social media to express their disgust at the act. The police have agreed to launch an investigation into the matter and if required, arrest the senator. The Nigerian Senate has also launched its own investigations into the matter.

In the midst of the controversy, Senator Elisha and his wife Emily Abbo have reacted to the scandal.

Although the senator promised to release an official statement today according to reports, he, confirmed that he is indeed the man in the video but pointed out that the incident happened before he became a lawmaker and explained the reason for his outburst.

The Senator claimed that the roughly 10-minute video was incomplete, adding that he was at the shop because his sister had been assaulted there and that part was left out.

Below are seven facts about the embattled senator that you may not know:

  1. He Represents Adamawa North Senatorial District: Elisha Ishaku Abbo is a Christian from Adamawa State, one of the states currently undergoing crisis due to Muslim/Christian clashes and herdsmen/farmers disputes.
  2. He is a First Term Senator: Elisha Abbo’s election into Nigeria’s ninth Senate is his first legislative office. Prior to politics, Elisha Abbo was the CEO and Managing director of a multinational political consultancy firm identified as “Saice & Wright Group”, Abuja.He was once a Senior Special Assistant to former Governor Murtala Nyako and a former Secretary of the Adamawa State Sports and Youths Council.
  3. He is the Youngest Senator in Nigeria: 41-year-old Elisha Ishaku Abbo is reportedly the youngest Senator in the ninth National Assembly. He ran his campaign on the platform of youth and promise and endeared himself to many young people across the country.
  4. He is in the PDP: Elisha Abbo is a member of the leading opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). However, that has not prevented him from receiving heavy criticisms from prominent members of the party including Femi Fani-Kayode and Reno Omokri. On Tuesday, Omokri tweeted: “Not only should Senator Abbo be ARRESTED, PROSECUTED & JAILED, but the policeman that was with him should be disciplined. Additionally, the lady he assaulted should get damages. Abbo can use some of the money he spends on relaxing his hair to pay her.”Fani-Kayode Also called for the senator’s arrest, saying, “Utterly barbaric and shameful behaviour from Sen. Elisha Abbo, the youngest member of the Senate. This is unacceptable and something must be done about it. I call for his arrest and prosecution for assault and battery. I advise the young lady that was beaten to sue him!”
  5. Comes from Mubi in Adamawa stateElisha Abbo is from Mubi, the second largest town in Adamawa State. He also had his primary and secondary school education in the town.
  6. Studied at Federal Polytechnic Mubi and Federal University of Technology, Yola: Senator Elisha Abbo is an alumnus of the Federal Polytechnic Mubi and Federal University of Technology, Yola; the two major Federal government tertiary institutions in Adamawa State. He reportedly graduated from Mubi Poly in 1995
  7. Defeated a Female  APC Incumbent: Elisha Abbo was elected on February 23, 2019 after defeating the incumbent female senator, Binta Masi Garba of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

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