Abba Kyari is the De-facto President, Not Buhari: Kehinde Fayanju

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 01: Amidst the controversy over the Federal Government’s proposed RUGA settlements for Fulani herdsmen, writer and online commentator, Kehinde Fayanju has stated that it is President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari that is in charge of affairs in this country and not the president.

“Nigerians beware! Abba Kyari is de facto president, Buhari is just a man in office, not a man in power,” Fayanju wrote, Monday morning on Facebook.

He further explained his assertion by saying:

“How can empirical observation or analysis apply to human actions and sociological trends?Abba Kyari has said the issue of Ruga settlements must apply to all states of the federation. In what capacity did he say that? He has visibly taken over leadership from Buhari. He does so many things behind the president’s, and whatever decision he takes goes well with Buhari. Did we vote for Abba Kyari or Buhari?”

Today’s Echo gathers that Abba Kyari is a very influential figure in Buhari’s government and reportedly wields a strong influence on the president. Many powerful men are said to consult him if they wanted the president’s decision to favour them. His influence on the oil and gas industry is also quite strong as he is reportedly the person calling the shots on major decisions affecting the industry in Nigeria.

An indication of Kyari’s power is the appointment of his young daughter, Aisha Abba Kyari, as the Assistant Vice President of Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) in April.

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