Xenophobia: South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa Condemns Attacks on Foreigners

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SWITZERLAND, 03 – South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa has reacted to xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

He said:

I condemn the violence that has been spreading around a number of our provinces in the strongest terms. I’m convening the ministers in the security cluster today to make sure that we keep a close eye on these acts of wanton violence and find ways of stopping them.

The people of our country want to live in harmony; whatever concerns or grievances we may have, we need to handle them in a democratic way. There can be no justification for any South African to attack people from other countries.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Bobby Monroe, has denied reports of Xenophobic attacks in his country. Monroe denied that the attacks in South Africa are xenophobic and targetted at Nigerians.

The Commissioner made the comments at a media briefing with Nigeria’s foreign affairs ministry headed by Geoffery Onyeama.

He described the attacks as ‘sporadic acts of violence’ adding that businesses belonging to other South Africans were also affected in the violence.

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