Sex Scandal: female students accused of framing their male colleague open up with more facts

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The Covenant University scandal just keeps getting messier. This time, an audio of the male Covenant University who took the institution to court and won has been released and it shows him admitting to being guilty of all the school accused him of.

Adooh Emmanuel claimed he was framed by Covenant University, CU, (read here) with the help of Omotayo Dada and Marilyn Effanga. He said the University claimed he had sex with one of the girls and as a result, they expelled him just before graduation, after he had spent 5 years in the institution. He went on to claim he was innocent and was a guy who kept all the rules of the institution and never had time for Covenant University girls.

He eventually took the University to court and emerged victorious. Afterwards, he took to Twitter to call out CU and the two ladies involved. He claimed Omotayo and Marilyn helped the school frame him up.

He later deleted his threat after Omotayo warned him to delete it because they are lies.

But Omotayo and Marilyn came out with their side of the story after Omotayo and her family began receiving threats (read here). Both Omotayo and Marilyn said Adooh had sex with Marilyn and later accused her of giving him an STI. But tests proved she was negative for any STI. The university later saw the messages on both women’s mobile devices and invited them for questioning. They said Adooh begged them to cover up for him, which they tried to do, but they were threatened with expulsion and they eventually said the truth. This led to Adooh’s expulsion.

They also revealed that they have an audio of Adooh admitting to this without knowing he was being recorded.

The audio has now been released. In it, Emmanuel is heard narrating to a friend that he indeed had sex with Marilyn and went to bed immediately afterwards. As a result, his ejaculate stuck to his skin and also to his boxers. When he woke at night to ease himself, his briefs had already stuck to his male member due to his discharge. This made him bleed when removing the underwear and he thought Marilyn had given him an STI.

He admitted to calling Marilyn to accuse her of infecting him in Dec 2017. He also said he called her friend Omotayo to complain. He said he later discovered it wasn’t an STI but it was his underwear sticking to his skin due to the dried discharge.

He further revealed that this year Marilyn got into trouble with the school and they saw the messages on her phone and also on Omotayo’s phone so the school’s SDC invited him for questioning as regards sexual immorality. He said when they showed him the chats and his photo, he denied being the Adooh in the chats and kept denying it all through. The school then called Omotayo to testify against him.

Adooh is then heard in the audio calling Omotayo names, saying:

So they come call that Tayo, that ugly bitch, that bastard, that swine

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