Outrage as Ibo father asks for ‘arm, leg’ as bride price

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Several Nigerians on popular online forum nairaland have reacted to the snapshot of a page from a marriage list posted on the forum.

The snapshot, which was apparently taken from a list that has 6 pages shows a long list of items that would not be affordable for the common man. The poster wrote:

It is so pathetic that some parents are the reason why their daughters are not married. Look at the list below just page 1 of 6. No one knows the contents of the remaining 5 pages.
Ladies please talk to your parents so you don’t grow old without a legitimate husband.

After seeing the post, many readers reacted promptly, criticizing the practice of monetizing marriages to the extent of making it impossible for young guys who have not made much money to get married.

Below are some of the comments:

“Na marry d guy wan marry no be buy ooooo, chai!”

hired killers…after marriage, they will still be coming to suck the guy dry. The next thing you hear is…PAINFUL LOSS OF OUR DEAR SON-IN-LAW

Imagine, page 1 of 6,??
the family be seeing the marriage as their only way of survival this buhari period.
anyways, i wish them a colorful marriage as this dude outfit in udom’s name.

Does the guy work at NEPA that he was asked to bring a generating Plant?



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