Nigerians call out lady who says no man should engage her with a N20K ring

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Several insults have been thrown at a lady with the Twitter handle, Sugarcane baby, who recently said no man should engage her with a N 20, 000 ring, otherwise she would fling it at his face.

The following are some of the comments on Nairaland:

“People spewing out rubbish just to trend online. She might be unemployed currently trying to form big girl level.
That’s why these girls don’t deserve to be pitied when they fall into wrong hands. If a guy can afford to spare 20k for a ring in this economy the guy isn’t in the broke guys league.”

“Pls, how much should d ring cost?
This is one of d characteristics of a gold digger. Wanting to reap wher u no sow.
You r nt in for love bt for d money.”

“Last last this one go beg man to engage her even if na with wrist band,finger rosary or just tie rope for her finger when she don clock 50.”

“Olosho those guys that were putting their thing inside ur own ring how much were they paying? Ring-Digger Lordess of the Ring”

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