COVID-19: Patients Take to Streets to Protest Poor Quarantine Conditions

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 06 – Some COVID-19 patients organized a protest at the Federal Teaching Hospital in Gombe on Tuesday, damaging some equipment in their ward.

The patients who were in quarantine, companied about the poor medical treatment administered to them.

Media sources disclosed that for about 30 minutes, the hospital workers appeased them, promising them that there would be an improvement in their welfare.

It was also gathered that during the protest, some other COVID-19 patients at Kwadon Isolation Centre in Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area of Gombe assembled on the street to complain about poor treatment.

“These patients blocked the Gombe/Biu Road, chanting anti-government songs and some reportedly left for unknown locations after the protest while others returned to the centre.”

A patient was recorded in a video saying that he had been abandoned since the officials Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, brought him to the hospital three days ago.

He further disclosed that he alongside other patients admitted had not received medication and they were left to fend for themselves.

Another patient complained saying only Vitamin C drug had been given to him since he arrived at the centre earlier in the week.

The video also captured a female patient complaining about the hospital’s environment.

She said: “Look at this place; this is the hospital where they kept us. They said we have coronavirus. Look at us? Do we look sick? Do you see any sign of sickness in us? Look at us very well and see!

“If this thing (coronavirus) is created by some people for world material things, they will face the judgment of God. In this holy month of Ramadan, they brought us to this kind of place.

‘’We that are fasting and those that are not fasting are fed at the same time. It is about 5 p.m. and they are just serving us lunch. This is not fair! They are infringing on our rights.”

Gombe state currently has 96 confirmed cases.

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