Businessman Gontran Diamo commits suicide, jumps from 10th floor

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Gontran Diamo, a French entrepreneur, has reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor in a building in Miami, Florida.

The popular entrepreneur sadly wrote a goodbye note in French on his Instagram page before he took his life.

According to multiple reports, a day before his death he reportedly attended the 73rd UN General Assembly.

A translation of the IG post reads;

“Tell my mother that I love her with all my heart. I have always fought so that she lacks nothing and forgives those who hurt me.

“Papa also I love you so much ♥, to my brothers and sisters.

Smartgirl I loved you, I love you and I will love you. My friends, I love you, let us love you alive.

“NB: I hope for you that you will be very rich after my death @alexandre_quiame @bastosquissanga.”

Meanwhile, his fans and friends have paid loving tribute to him on their individual Twitter page.

Some also speculated that he committed suicide because he had an altercation with a friend over his girlfriend.

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