Bride with stage 4 cancer enjoys ‘beautiful’ wedding despite doctors’ order

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Despite being urged by doctors to do otherwise, one bride battling stage 4 cancer kept her wedding date because it had a special meaning for her.

Laurin and Michael Bank wed on March 24, which was also the couple’s third anniversary of when they first started dating.

Still, the two were unsure if they’d ever make it to their wedding date due to Laurin’s battle with stage 4 cancer in her bones, liver and lungs.

“We were just very adamant about … not letting cancer rule our lives. We were going to have a wedding on our terms,” Laurin, 29, told ABC News. “Mike and I, we’re a team. I know that if he supports me, it’ll work out.”

The Columbia, South Carolina, newlyweds began dating three weeks before Laurin underwent a double mastectomy in April 2015. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer seven months before. Along with her surgery, Laurin was treated with chemotherapy and radiation before doctors said they found no evidence of cancer in her body.

“I was going through a divorce at the time,” Michael, 34, recalled. “Neither of us were looking for anything serious. Our entire relationship has been focused on enjoying life and having fun and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

They were having so much fun, in fact, that Michael proposed to his now-wife at Niagara Falls in June 2017. But the couple was hit with hard news two months later.

Laurin’s cancer had returned, and it had spread throughout her body.

Doctors urged the couple in September 2017 to move up their wedding date. They urged them, again, at another doctors’ visit in December, but they refused and on March 24, the couple’s third anniversary, they wedded in front of approximately 225 guests.


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