You Are No More The Queen Of Dance – Naira Marley Attacks Kaffy

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Controversial singer, Naira Marley has attacked Nigeria’s dance queen, Kaffy, for describing his latest single, ‘Soapy’, as disgusting and immoral.

Naira Marley said Kaffy is no more the queen of dance after she criticized his ‘Soapy’ which comes with a dance step.

The dance step which is also called Soapy involves the dancer acting like he’s masturbating. According to Naira Marley, the song and dance step is about the life he experienced while in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, who arrested him for internet fraud popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo.

Since the release of the song, many have criticized the singer with claims that he’s promoting indecency. They also fear that the song and dance step will corrupt lots of children and even lure them into the act of masturbation.

Kaffy expressed disappointment at the dance step the singer created, saying: “I’m sorry I can’t take this. In the history of Naija dance, I have never seen a more disgusting and immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. I’m really disappointed.”

In response, Naira Marley took to his Instagram live video to slam Kaffy.

“You are not the Queen of dance anymore. We don’t use you no more. You are passed with the previous generation. We the new generation have no reason to use you. We have people we use, we even dance ourselves. Nowadays, the dance done by our generation is not the type where you two people start making the same moves”, he said as he described how Kaffy and her dance group usually do.

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