Women should not expect reward for sticking with broke guys: Man argues

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A man has argued on popular Nigerian online forum, Nairaland that women should not expect to be rewarded when they date broke men that later become rich.

This is against the background of popular belief among black people that Men who later become rich should pay special attention to and lavish gifts on women who dated them when they were broke. It is also a spin-off of online arguments generated by the Tyler Perry directed movie ‘Acrimony’, focused on a similar theme.

Read the young man’s argument below:

“Why do guys think it normal to ‘reward’ ladies who dated them when they were not rich? I don’t get it, was she doing you a favour by being in a relationship with you?

It has become commonplace to read about rewards, car gifts especially, purchased by guys as rewards for ladies who they were in a relationship with when they were poor. I think in constantly doing that, guys are making it look abnormal, the idea, that a lady is supposed to stick with her man, come roan or shine.

She wasn’t doing you a favour by being in a relationship with you. No one is doing you a favour by being in one with you now. Whether it ended or not, you owe her nothing for that period the both of you were dating.

Guys should stop making it seem like dating a particular lady is a privilege they don’t deserve.”

The topic generated heated argument on the thread with many women finding the guy’s position distasteful. Read one of the responses from a lady with the handle, Safarigirl:

“I am not speaking from the angle of a lady helping a guy. I am speaking from the angle of a person who has been down and needed help.

Like I said, you have never been in that dark place, so, your words are laced with ignorance. When you get there, you can come and converse with us.

And the lady in acrimony took things too far, but the man had his faults. The blame was 50-50, once again, as far as that movie goes, I speak from an experience you will never be able to understand because you have not been in that situation obviously, else, you would know that it is suspicious to start a life with the same woman you were accused of cheating with

PS: There are well-to-do-girls dating and feeding broke guys. I know many of them in the hostel, they will travel to Dubai finish and come back to be feeding people’s sons. They are not broke, they are in love, and sometimes, infatuation.

I am just reading ignorance all over your post.

Nobody is entitled to anything, it is a show of common appreciation that so many people in the world today are incapable of showing. The real entitled mentality is assuming that you should be taken care of by someone else’s child and after that, you owe them nothing. Even if na common #50 pesin spend on you when you no see money take chop, you owe that person

If the scenario is flippe and a mam trains a girl through school, you all would curse her out if she decides she wants nothing to do with him thereafter, but look at you saying men shouldn’t appreciate the women who have stood by them..

They are not collecting money from you to appreciate their women. To each their own”

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