Woman gets suspicious after discovering her husband bought an Iphone for their housemaid

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A woman has cried out for help after she discovered that her husband bought an iPhone 6 for the housemaid.

The lady, who remained anonymous, stated that she feels unsafe in her marriage and sought help on what steps she should take.

Read her story below:

‘Am I over reacting? Should I fire her? Will he start liking her like starting an affair? Or they having something. My mother asked me to fire her. My husband prefers my house girls food to mine.

I was sick some months ago so my house help cooked for my husband. Ever since then My husband has refused to eat my food. He doesn’t even touch my food anymore. I was initially civil and asked my maid to teach me and she did but my husband doesn’t want to see me near the kitchen.

My husband recently came back home and bought her an iPhone?? I don’t mind her having a phone but why iPhone 6? My mother has been asking him for an iPhone but he never bought it for her. I’m uneasy. I need help and advise. Am I overreacting?

His mother hired his maid for him. I was a little bit uneasy because of her looks but she is a beautiful 21 year old girl. She was a virgin when she came. I feel like taking her for a Virginity test again.’

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