My wife is selling her nude pictures to men: Lagos husband cries out (see photo)

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Below is a true life story of a man who caught his wife of 18 years and a mother of two sending her own nude pictures to other men in exchange for money. The story was first shared on popular online forum, nairaland.


I believe this is the right place to share this burning issue that has been giving me sleepless nights for some time now.

My name is Joseph but I’m popularly known as Joe especially where I live here in Lagos. I got married to this lady Bolatito 18 years ago and we are blessed with two lovely children, a boy and a girl (ages 16 and 13).

I’m a businessman and my wife is a hairdresser (she owns her business). We are doing fine both in business and family life. My wife is very submissive, caring and loving but never knew she is a wolf-in-sheep-skin until the recent incident which revealed her true identity.

As a businessman, I’m always busy during the week but my weekend is for my family, I always create time to spend nice time with my family (wife and children).

Lest I forget, the only bad habit I see in my wife is that she is addictive to phone (social media). She is always on different social media platforms chatting, at times she will just burst into laughter while pressing her phone, even when we are discussing something serious. Of course, I do complain about this, but her excuse has always been “I’m using it to promote my business”. So, I decided to hold my peace.

Last Saturday, we were having a nice time in our sitting room with the children when I noticed a strange reaction from my wife. First, she was smiling while pressing her phone then she ran to the bathroom and after about 5 minutes she joined us in the sitting room. Not too long her phone rang and she picked and all I could hear was “I’m fine” “Nice doing business with you”. For a while, I was thinking about the “Nice doing business with you” phrase but later discard it as I remember she is also into selling of cosmetics and jewellery.

Not too long just as I was about to forget the first drama another one showed up. She received a call and immediately asked the caller (I didn’t know the caller’s sex, since the phone was not on speaker) to chat her on (Whatsapp), then after 10 minutes she stood up and say to me “honey I’m coming” and I replied her with “No problem dear”. That moment I became suspicious of her movement.

After about 2 minutes she left the sitting room, I quietly walked to our bedroom she was not there then I noticed she was in the bathroom talking to someone on phone about price. I heard, “that is the last price for your demand ” and she ended the call with “I will send it now”.

I moved closer to the bathroom door and spied through the keyhole, I almost fainted with what I saw. Guess what, my wife, Bolatito mother of two was Unclad, snapping her private parts and sending it to someone.

I couldn’t take it anymore and since I don’t want to have someone’s blood on my hands, I left the place, took the car key and went out in anger.

I later returned home that evening, she asked where I went to without leaving any message but I lied that I received an urgent call from a friend. I even said sorry to her because I don’t want her to suspect anything.

I later got hold of her phone that night when she was fast asleep, thank God she didn’t password it (maybe it is because of the trust and respect we have for each other). My heart bled as I opened her Whatsapp messenger. It was full of different pictures of my wife’s private parts sent to other men (her clients), with payment details.

I quickly forwarded all of them to my phone as evidence, and then woke her up and confronted her, at first she wanted to deny it but I showed her the evidence immediately she saw it she burst into tears and started asking for forgiveness.

Please, my people, I don’t know what to do as I can’t withstand seeing her and remembering this stuff. I also don’t want my children to suffer by sending her packing. I don’t think I can forgive her…

Please advise me….

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