Voodoo: Cheating man gets stuck in landlady during sex (video)

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It was a dramatic weekend for residents of Kitale, Kenya when a man and his landlady got stuck in each other while having sex.

According to eye witnesses, the incident was as a result of the voodoo remedy sought by the man’s wife who had hitherto suspected her husband’s infidelity.

The pair were carrying out the clandestine affair in a room in Baraka hotel, Kitale, Kenya on Friday, 8 June 2018, when things took a mysterious turn. They were soon heard shouting from the locked hotel room and begging for help and when the management of the hotel opened the door, they saw the couple stuck.

After the management of the hotel found the co-joined bodies, they contacted the police who arrived the scene and took the pair to the police station after which they invited the man’s wife.

According to reports, the man is a businessman whose wife hails from Lodwar. The wife reportedly informed the police that she noticed her landlady went missing every time he went to Kitale for business appointments. She became suspicious and confronted her husband but he denied it. As a last resort, the wife sought the help of a witch doctor who cast a spell on her husband.

Watch the video below.

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