Tyga wants DNA test for Kylie Jenner’s baby

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There are reports that Tyga still believes he may be the father of Kylie Jenner’s baby, Stormi and he wants a paternity test to prove it! Kylie, HollywoodLive reports.

Although he allegedly sent her a congratulatory note after Stormi Webster’s birth, he can’t shake the feeling that the baby might be his, and he’s been leaning on Scott Disick, 34, for support.

A so-called “source close to Kylie” alleges that in the wake of her daughter’s birth, her ex sent a “short, sweet” note via text in which he said “he misses her and hopes he gets to meet the baby.” This same “source” contends Jenner and Scott then had a “big argument over” over it. It’s claimed, “Travis was furious by the message from her ex and told Kylie that she needs to tell Tyga to stay away from my baby.”

Sadly, Scott has been telling him to move on. “Scott has been encouraging Tyga to get over it and move on from Kylie. Tyga has been complaining to Scott about his unresolved feelings for Kylie.

Tyga feels like he belongs in the Kardashian family and he still wants a DNA test to determine paternity of the new baby, which might be his last chance at actually being in the family. But Scott is not having any of it.

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