Christians cannot be feminists, Twitter user argues

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A Twitter user has argued that feminism does not conform to christian doctrine.

The argument occurred recently on the social networking site, Twitter.

“What does Jesus say about feminism as well?”

The user brings up scriptures from the Bible that try to explain the fact that Christianity is against feminists and a Christian lady cannot be a feminist.

The user goes on, making references to the Bible to buttress his point.

He says, “Dear Feminists, the Bible is not your friend. It can’t be. It hates you. Preaches against you.”

He goes all the way from Genesis, saying God created women as an afterthought and women are to be submissive to men according to the Bible. According to him, woman is punished with pain at child birth for committing sin against God and Adam is spared this same punishment even though they did the same thing.

“Forgot to add, there isn’t a female member of the trinity, except you’re Catholic of course, then maybe Mary can intercede to the Lord Jesus on your behalf. There are no female angels either.” He also quotes several scriptures, for example, “When men strive together one with another, & the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, & putteth forth her hand, & taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her. Deut25:11-12”, he added.

He further argued that:

“God is unchanging but let’s assume he changed and see if something new comes up in the new testament” but he also brought scriptures portraying the same thing in the new testament such as 1Corinthians 11;9, 1 Timothy 2;11-14.”

He concludes by saying, “Anyway I’m done. Heineken calls me. If anyone has any further questions, my dms are open.”

People reply commending him while some make funny comments about what he said. Apparently, while explaining, he made jokes on Christianity. Like calling the Holy Spirit “holy dove” and calling Jesus “Bros J”.

See some of his posts below:

Below are some the comments:


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