Train kills woman taking selfie on railway

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A Thai woman died after being hit by a train while taking a selfie on the railway track, police said on Friday.

“Walailak Sukuma, 28, was proclaimed dead at a Bangkok hospital hours after an oncoming train hit her and her friend while the pair was taking a selfie, Wissanusak Suebin,’’ a police investigator in charge of the case, told newsmen.

Wissanusak said Walailak’s right leg was cut off by the train’s wheels, while her friend, 24-year-old Amnaj Nawantip, suffered a head injury and a broken arm.

The pair was part of a group of five friends who had been drinking beer at a railway station in Bangkok.

According to railway officials, the group often hung out drinking beer near the rail tracks.

“The difference is that this time they were taking selfies too.

“Their friends said they didn’t see the train approaching the platform.

“The group said they have learnt their lesson now, but it remains to be seen if they will come back in the future,’’ Wissanusak added. (dpa/NAN)

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