Top positions, demanding jobs not for women- Man lectures female colleagues (audio

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A man (name withheld) has some thoughts to share on how nature puts women at a disadvantage in the workplace. He advised his female colleagues to steer clear of top positions and demanding jobs, and focus on getting married, raising a family and doing less demanding jobs outside of the boardroom, like trading, fashion designing, nursing and teaching.

Read his statement below:

“A man is more suited for hard jobs, emotionally and physically stressful jobs. Check out some of the women in top positions, there are two things. First, it is either they have connections that make it easy for them or they’ve made some sacrifices in the homefront, which might not be palatable.

“The truth is this, a job like teaching is a good job for women. It is not gender discrimination, it is division of labour. Women are unfit to do certain jobs. Within industries, they work in Admin and Human Resource units but rarely in operations.

“Women should leave companies that are not flexible, why should companies be restructured because of women? A company that is growing and transitioning fast may not be a good fit for women. It is not anybody’s fault, it is the way the society is. Labour laws in general are unfriendly and need to be overhauled, not just for women, but for all workers. It is tougher on women. Women that want to survive in workplaces will have to postpone giving birth or marriage, but you can’t eat your cake and have it.

“There are women that resigned from banks, got married to wonderful men, started trading and buying clothes from Dubai. Did they die?

“I don’t believe women are oppressed, they are the ones who oppress men every day and yet they claim victims. They manipulate men every day.

“There is nothing like sexism, it is just normal, there can never be gender equality, it is unreal and fictitious. People like Chimamanda are trying to ruin things for women, making them feel they can be anything they want to be”. Remember that men cannot breastfeed, so the sole responsibility of taking care of children still lie on the women.

“In the workplace, a woman cannot compete with a man that has 24hours to hustle, if she tries, she will get pregnant along the way. It is just nature that puts her at a disadvantage, not the society. Simple! It is the woman that will go home, the woman will stay at work. It is about survival of the fittest, a man is best fit to be out there, a woman should stay at home and take care of her children.

“It is not about women’s intellectual capacity, they may be smarter but they cannot cope”.

“Men are meant to be heroes, women are meant to be innocent. Women are meant to be beautiful, men are meant to be powerful”, he concluded.

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