The first time I had a naked female in my bed: young man narrates amazing experience

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A young man has narrated his first encounter with a naked woman at a time when he was still a virgin and inexperienced. Please read the story below:

“It was my 17th birthday, and my 19yrs old gf invited me to her private hostel for her special birthday present to me….somewhere in me known wat it was gonna be, but I chose not to be overly happy or eager.
Got to her hostel….the door was opened, heard a voice sed…”lock it with d key wen ure inside”, I did dat and I sat on d bed (was a selfcon) dere Cynthia came out of d bathroom with just her towel around her clean ebony buxon body….she sed “happy birthday my king” and down went d towel.
OMGosh!!!!! there she was standing infront of me a but naakedd beautiful gal for d first time….I started sweating….words failed me and I felt dizzy.
Den she pushed me on d bed… thing led to anoda….we slept off.”

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