Stop saying ‘I’ll Do It Later’.

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In work, at school and even in life, procrastination should be a no-no! Can you think of how many things you would’ve done, or how far you would have gone in life if you did some things at the right time? Here are some things that procrastination will cause.

  • Anxiety: Once you haven’t gotten the job done in time, you get scared and nervous because you may not be able to deliver in time.
  • Career setbacks: Your boss is going to be pissed when he gives you a job and its not done properly or its incomplete. If this behaviour persists, he will be forced to demote you or even fire you.
  • Failure: A job well done most times comes once you’ve spent your time to work hard on it. Rushing through things never bring out the best in you. When you start that school newspaper article weeks before its publishing date, it will come out a whole lot better than what you scribbled just last night.

You don’t want to lose your job or fail that test. Let’s help you out and show you ways to stop this habit.

  • Disconnect! ‘Let me see what’s going on Instagram’ and before you know it, you’ve spent hours on your phone doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Don’t get distracted if you have work to do because you can be online for hours doing nothing productive. If you must, time yourself and obey when that time comes!
  •  Plan; Write down everything you must do on a to-do list. A lot of things may skip your mind and when it’s due, you will forget you were ever given that assignment. This will also be helpful so that you know what you must do within a period.
  • Time yourself; If you’re a very busy person, time yourself on what you must do within a specific time. This is so that you get your hands on many tasks as possible within a given time.
  • Motivate yourself: Reward yourself for each time you finish a task. You can do this by saying some encouraging words to yourself, taking a long rest or going to chill. And always have it in mind that you’re going to rest when you’re done.


This doesn’t mean you should punish yourself but make the wisest decisions. The initial thing is taking responsibility and doing the right things at the right time.

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