I am still not a fan of huge weddings, Banky W responds to critics

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Despite holding arguably the most flamboyant wedding in 2017, Banky W has decided to address critics who are calling him and his wife, Adesua hypocrites.

He said: I have learnt to grow thick skin and almost always ignore the online chatter, but every once in a while, I feel the need to respond. So here are my 2 cents. 🙏🏽

Prior to their wedding, Banky and Adesua at different occasions, expressed that they dislike elaborate weddings and would definitely have a low-key intimate ceremony.

However, the sweethearts made their introduction ceremony a very big and public event and their engagement ceremony held the country to a standstill. The celebrity couple pulled a strong crowd of the biggest celebs and who is who in the industry. Social media was flushed with thousands of pictures bearing their #BAAD2017 wedding hashtag, so much that the event took over everyone’s timeline.

This engagement ceremony was followed by a destination wedding in Cape Town.


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