Soldiers fighting Boko Haram rescue stranded little girl

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Nigerian soldiers fighting against Boko Haram terrorist have rescued a little girl named Success who lost her family to the terrorists.

In an online statement, a soldier said Success is one lucky girl among thousands of kids in Nigeria who have lost their parents to terrorist.

He also said they don’t fight terrorist alone, they also look after stranded children.

He wrote:

“Money and power has killed the human in most people…. Little success is one lucky girl amongst thousands of kids in Nigeria… little kids who have lost their parents in the hands of terrorist..they are homeless, hungry,the war has affected us so bad that we don’t fight terrorist alone, we also look after stranded children. For how long will people suffer the consequences of others action? the good Nigerians dat we have are not good when it comes to helping children from the northern part.. tribalism, religion is one of the big problem dat we have. Where is our humanity for Godsake people”

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