Lady reveals how her friend falsely accused a guy of rape

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A lady on Twitter, with the handle @Lafunke, has narrated how her friend ruined a guy’s reputation by falsely accusing her of rape, only to confess that she was lying.

See her story below:

“Aiye ma le oo. A girl(an acquaintance) falsely accused a guy of rape a while ago….. I believed her and was shouting men are scum….. all for this bitch to tell her sister she lied, she wanted to teach him a lesson.

Stupid sister too called me and was laughing that her sis is too petty…. petty da wee kill you

The guy wasn’t arrested but a lot of people heard about it and some stopped talking to the guy.

It was something that happened in my area, he wasn’t dragged on twitter tho… a lot of people know the truth now… the guy can press charges if he wants”

See Tweets below:

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