Simi’s pot belly at #BBNaija: Body positivity or poor fashion sense?

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Nigerian singing sensation, Simi put on quite a performance at the Big Brother Eviction show on Sunday, as she was the guest artiste on the live show, where she made two appearances. She may have won a lot of hearts with her soothing voice and delivery of hit songs, but the same cannot be said of her choice of outfit.

Simi put her not-so-flat belly on display during the show. While some of her fans believe she was trying to spread body positivity, having confessed openly that she is a foodie, others criticised her choice of outfit as unflattery.

Recall that the lovely suffered a backlash last year over her outfit to an eviction. Her tummy also sparked pregnancy rumour during her performance at Aiteo-NFF Awards in February.

Nigerians on social media are just talking about her tummy! See some reactions below;

@Flowervik5 tweeted; OMG… Am I de only one seeing this nonsense simi brought to d stage… Simi sef be doing like village gal#BBNaija

@Nuel_Nuelzy tweeted; Simi ‘s performance was outstanding… Her outfit is cool too #BBNaija#DoubleWahala

@Tomii_siin tweeted; Please can someone illustrate what simi is wearing.

@_Okbye_ tweeted; I just want to know Is it that Simi does not know how to dress or dress doesn’t fit her #BBNaija

@Tweetarazi tweeted; See the way Simi is harmonizing her song live on stage without going off key…That’s a real musician right there This is something a lot of musicians can only do during a studio recording #BBnaija

@iSlimfit tweeted; Whenever it comes to Simi, everyone on Twitter becomes fashion police. Y’all should go rest.

@Aunty_Les tweeted; If Simi can expose this belle, I die if I don’t wear crop top tomorrow.

@t_riumphant tweeted; The F in Simi stands for Fashion😎😎😎

@Bruvee: Lol is this the belly everybody is shouting about tho? 😄😂mischewwww I was expecting something worse. I’m at this level too and trust me when I say belly fat is one of the hardest things to lose without all those supplements you guys drink. Je kin lo shey sit up.

@kvng_dayo: That’s how somebody said simi’s stomach is making more WAVES than her this year.

@Bigbellybee: You people body shaming simi should show us your tummy. Ori yin ti daru

@pejumadey: It’s not simi’s dressing today, it’s her tummy you want to attack? All of you are collectively mad and I’m here to tell you

@Dikachim: nothing wrong with simi showing her not so flat tummy sha just wished she’d worn oleku for that jam

@FrnchKnickrs: Simi’s tummy is way too big for this outfit na. Whyyyy 😭 #BBNaija

@Victoresumuede: This Simi tummy issue reminds me of an Adele quote: I make music for ears, not eyes.

@Nwanlecha1: I love how Simi came with her crop top and big tummy. She doesn’t owe y’all any flat tummy. Omo olomo ❤😂😂 #BBNaija

@hero_daniels: All of you saying Simi ‘s tummy is big, even with all the Waist trainers, Amala won’t still allow your tummy to be great! Allow her to rock her body mbok

@Essie_ao: These ojuelegba people that look 5 months pregnant are coming for simi bcause her tummy isn’t exactly flat? I really need to filter my TL

@MsRouqui: If u are big, u get bashed for having a big tummy, Simi is tiny with slight tummy, una still bash her. U can’t please people. E koshi danu

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