Should men bathe their daughters? Facebook users debate

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Nollywood Actress, Helena Nelson has ignited an online debate about a rather weird topic.

Helena took to her facebook page to write;

Anybody who thinks dads should not bathe their daughters have mental issues


On the comment section, facebook users bared their thoughts on the topic, see some of their comments below ;

Zeniat Abiri wrote;

My husband has always bathed my kids from when they were newborn. My daughter inclusive. She is now 20 months old and she adores her dad. Slap him or hug him and she will go commando on you. She loves him like that and till date, she will rather get her baths from him. Less work for me but I get jealous that the little diva does not even send me, considering my 9 months journey and all the stretched marks i got.

Chukwuba Chiluba wrote;

It’s because they know the useless man that they married .
And because they are stupid for marrying such men.

A particular comment from a male, Pahrousia Eko irked some users as he wrote ;

I strongly disagree abeg, we men cant be trusted 😀 😀 😀 … We all are mad

Another user, identified as Prince Aladese Adewumi Adedoyin wrote ; My mum comes to my bathroom and gist with me most times while bathing cos she knows that the only time am fully ready to listen to anything it not a big deal for real 😳

Koton Mboba Jnr wrote ;

Las las, Nigerians are not alright. How can a level headed human be questioning his sanity and self-control around a blood sibling? As in, are you looking to be unfortunate in this life? With women presently doubling the numerical availability of men these days, so you can be bathing your daughter or baby sister and having erection?! Just wait, all the thunders meant for Buhari have been recalled. Biko, give me your address!

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