Relationship Coach, Akinlabi, Launches Online Marriage Training Programme

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SWITZERLAND, APRIL 20 – Amidst the growing trend of broken marriages, seasoned relationship coach, author, counsellor, and public speaker, Godman Akinlabi, has launched Amare, a subsidised  online preparatory and enhancement course aimed at building and sustaining healthy matrimonies.

Amare (a Latin adverb meaning “to love”) is starting with two crucial modules; a Marriage Preparatory Course for singles looking to start their journeys, and a Marriage Enhancement Course for married couples looking to reinvigorate their relationships. Whether bothered about marital readiness or spousal compatibility or trying to bring back the spark in their union, these online courses are designed to answer participants’ yearnings and to strengthen relationship bonds.

“Having invested seventeen years in the marriage institution and nearly twenty ministering and counselling, I have discovered the beauty in two people coming together in unity to do life and to take-on the world, and also the negative consequences of marital disharmony,” said Godman Akinlabi, the programme’s anchor.  

“According to reports, the rate of divorce around the world has doubled in recent decades due to a variety of reasons. Largely rooted in faulty foundations, such issues include loss of interest, overwhelming career pressure cum-goal pursuit, financial challenges or simply the selfish pursuit of personal happiness. These then result in a broken partner, a broken home or both, leaving offspring and spouses with self-esteem, trust and acceptance issues that then inflict emotional or physical harm on the society. Amare aims to reduce this worrisome trend by improving the quality of marriages and relationships that lead to marriage.” He added.

Designed as a safe space for mutual vulnerability, Amare has practical modules for enhanced communications to deal with personal fears and trust-issues, financial management, family planning, extended family relations, building stronger foundations, tolerance and planning for a collective future, amongst others. The insights couples gain will help them create a template suitable to build and maintain  long-lasting and fulfilling marriages.

Amare launches to serve a global audience from April 2021. Interested participants can enrol for a Marriage Preparatory Course, Marriage Enhancement Course, or take a free marriage-readiness test online at

Godman Akinlabi, fondly referred to as PG,  is a renowned relationship coach with deep insights on relationships which he conveys in a uniquely simple and relatable style. He has authored several globally acclaimed relationship books such as Solid: Building the Marriage of Your Dream, Gauging Readiness for Marriage and others. He is the host of The BetterHalf Show, an online TV series, and a weekly Twitter series, #MrMrsBetterHalf. Akinlabi is also the Global Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, Lagos, Nigeria and he is happily married with two daughters.

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