Rape: Unavoidable or Avoidable?

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According to Meriam Webster Dictionary, rape is an unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat or injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness or deception.

If rape is avoidable, there can’t be a 100% assurance that rape is going to discontinue in our societies. Without thinking, someone could say rape is very much avoidable. He/ she would say girls attract men on purpose by wearing skimpy clothes and going out late at night. This is not a way to classify causes of rape, neither is it a way to say ‘rape can be avoided’. You could put up an awareness campaign or even form up an association to tell girls to be careful, teach them how to defend themselves in karate classes and so on. These are just ways that could help but in my point of view, rape cannot be avoided completely.

Over the years, rape has become more than just satisfying the sexual urge of the rapist and is more like a way of showing violence, just through sex. For instance, robbers breaking into a home, raping all the females in the home or even both females and males, taking all their property and running away. There was a case of a neighbour who broke into a woman’s house and abducted her for months, claiming he loved her, raped her and threatened to kill if she didn’t do whatever he wanted. Instead of looking to far, the situation of the Chibok girls is an example of how there was a very little chance of escaping or even knowing they were going to be abducted that very moment. Some rapists are actually psychopaths and people that suffer from different paraphilias.

Rape can happen anywhere and anyhow. It is not the fault of the victim in any way. It can’t be called rape if the victim was a part of it and nobody should be put to blame for getting raped. A woman should be able to wear whatever she wants because she likes it on her and not because she is trying to please or attract any man or anybody at all. Anyone can be raped, boy or girl, young or old, let’s not even put this on the young girls alone. Women rape men and men also rape men!

If you are a victim and no one knows, please do tell someone, a parent, an elder, the police! Nobody should be forced to keeping quiet after being assaulted. These rapists need to be punished severely and nobody is going to kill you if you disclose this information. One just has to be very careful and trust who they move around with. Being a victim is a scar that would last forever and may lead to so many actions like lesbianism, general hatred for men or even suicide but telling someone can make it all change because you are going to find help for your situation. Keeping quiet is even making you a part of it.

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