Port Harcourt was named after a pedophile: Nigerian writer argues for name change

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A Nigerian writer and literary critic, Ikhide Ikheloa has argued that the name of the capital city of Rivers state be changed because the city is named after a pedophile.

The famous city of Port-Harcourt, named after Lord Lewis Harcourt, Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1910 to 1915. Lord Harcourt’s nickname was “Loulou”.

History has it that when the new Port was established in 1912, Lord Federick Lugard did not know what to name it. He wrote to Lord Harcourt, who was overseeing all the British colonies, seeking his permission to name the new port after him.

According to his Biography on Wikipedia, Lord Harcourt was a well-known pedophile; a sexual predator attracted to both sexes. It is said that when faced with public exposure, Harcourt committed suicide by taking an overdose of a sedative.

See Wikipedia excerpt below:

Readers, what do you think?

If we are to change Port-Harcourt’s name, what should it be?

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