Police arrest priest who ‘cures’ women through hugs, kisses

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An Indian priest, Ram Prakash Chauhan, has been arrested for offering his “miraculous smooch” to women, who come to his temple.

According to The Hindu, Chauhan had set up a temple in the district’s Bhoraltup village three months ago.

His claim that he possessed supernatural powers to solve physical and psychological problems of women, including marital discord, earned him a reputation and the nickname, “Kissing Baba.”

“We arrested him after receiving complaints that he was hugging and kissing women as some kind of therapy. He was exploiting his devotees, especially women,” J. Bora, head of the Morigaon police that arrested Chauhan, said.

The police also arrested his mother, who was labelled an accomplice, for spreading the news of her son’s therapeutic powers “acquired from Lord Vishnu” and transmitted through kisses to any woman seeking a cure.

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