Pastor instructs 17-year-old girl to marry without family knowledge

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The elder brother of a 17-year-old girl from Umualabuike Isieke Isiokpo in Ideato North Local Government Area has openly announced the rejection of his sister’s husband as in-law.

Raphael Udoye took to the social media to lament the atrocity orchestrated and perpetrated by the pastor of Fishers of Men Charismatic church, Isiokpo where the sister and her husband are members.

According to him, the pastor had warned against informing members of the bride’s family of the marriage ceremony scheduled for 7th and 8th of July until he (Rapheal) got wind of it from an outsider.

His words, “It just started on 29th of June 2018, when a class mate of my so called sister, Udoye Blessing, chatted that my sister is getting married and have printed a wedding card and I could not invite her to the wedding.

In surprise, I asked her which of my sisters is getting married and I did nt know, is it a joke or what?

I called my sister to ask if what I’m hearing and seeing is true or a nightmare. Surprisingly, she replied ‘so you have not heard, if you want to know you have to come to our church to know more details’

Their so called pastor from Fishers of men Charismatic church Isiokpo told her not to tell any member of her family that she is getting married. A taboo in Igbo land.

I couldnt withhold the insult from my sister and their so called pastor, I asked her again ‘Blessing who is the man that is seeking your hand in marriage that your family members will not know? Is he a ghost or human being? Are you crazy? How could you marry someone that your sibling don’t know? How old are you? Is marriage your future to think for now? How can your pastor print and share wedding card without the consent of your family? Whose names are written in the card?

After all these investigation I found out that the so called abominable church Fishers of men Charismatic Church, Isiokpo, had planned the wedding since six months ago and hid it from the girl’s family.”

He further explained how the groom’s father came visiting on 2nd of July to ask why he and his family rejected the wedding invitation. Raphael pointed out that it was a taboo in Igbo land and he would not be a partaker of such ill.

He also announced his public denial and extrication from such marriage, adding that as far as he is concerned, the groom kidnapped his sister and anything that happens to her in future will be retaliated in every ramification.


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