Pastor Iginla’s wife, Yemisi finally opens can of worms (Video)

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Recently, a popular Abuja-based pastor, Joshua Iginla, confessed publicly in a Sunday service that he and his wife committed adultery.

According to him, his wife was to blame as she first pulled the trigger that destroyed their marriage by sleeping with other men and bringing in children that did not belong to him.

The pastor of Champion Royal Assembly went on to say that she lied about her genotype and caused them to have a child with the SS genotype. This scathing confession shook many people to their feet. It would seem one person that was largely affected by Joshua’s confession is Yemisi, his wife. In light of this, she has finally reacted to the accusation meted against her.

This she did in an interview with religious enthusiast, Daddy Freeze. Yemisi blatantly denied the allegation levied against her by her husband. According to her, she did not cheat on her husband during the period they were married, and, she also did not have a child outside of wedlock. Yemisi categorically said that all the three children she gave birth to belongs to her pastor-husband.

Even more, the pastor’s wife made fresh allegations against her husband.

According to her, he was the one engaged in an affair with a particular prophetess named Syella. Yemisi also maintained that the mistress who is from South Africa demanded that she should freely share her husband with her unless she was going to create trouble and take Joshua from her all the same.

The lady also maintained that Joshua Iginla and his family members tormented her life and she could scarcely take it anymore. She asked that she should be released rather than be subjected to torment.

Read an excerpt from her words:

“If he says I am lying, he should come up and do a genotyope. The three children her his. May major pain at the time was that Syella, the South African prophetess was always with him and I was surprised that he got married to Stella. “My three children are his, I have never lived a promiscuous life. I am speaking out for my children’s sake and their destiny.”

Watch a video of Yemisi Iginla speaking below:

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