Owner spends over N1.9m on dog’s funeral (photos)

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A dog has been given a lavish send-off as his owner said he deserved the same respect as any family member. Captain the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 11, died on Christmas Day after suffering a cardiac arrest on the operating table.

Owner Sasha Smajic, 37, said she didn’t eat for a week after his death. In total she spent £4,249 {N1.954,000) on the funeral, including £225 on a dove release and another £620 on getting his name written in flowers.

Sasha said: ‘I don’t think I’ll ever celebrate another Christmas. I don’t think I would ever have the strength to do that – a piece of me has gone.

Captain’s body was taken from the vets in a horse-drawn carriage to a park where he used to go for walks. His coffin was then transferred to a hearse for the 40-minute drive to Willow Haven Cemetery in Bedmond, Hertfordshire.

Cemetery owner Maureen Beach read a poem at Captain’s graveside with 11 doves – one for each year of his life – being released at 2pm during the service after he was lowered into the ground. Afterwards, Sasha went to the pub where she put a plate of chicken and chips on the table ‘as that is what he would have had’.

Captain’s funeral costs Funeral service: £1,860 Flowers: £620 Framed photos: £144 Dove release: £225 Burial: £1,400 Total: £4,249

Sasha said: ‘The memories of the funeral help, I keep looking at the images. ‘I have no regrets how I sent off Captain, he deserved every piece of it and more.’

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