No More John Wick as Sturridge Reunites With Dog

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 11 -Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been reunited with his dog Lucci, who was stolen when his house in Los Angeles was broken into on Monday.

Sturridge took to Instagram to plead with the thieves to return his dog, insisting that he would pay whatever it took to see his dog returned to him.

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Over a day after the dog was stolen, ​ABC7 revealed that Lucci has finally been returned home after being located by Los Angeles police officers in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

No arrests were made, and Sturridge is said to believe that the person who returned his dog was not involved in the initial burglary, in which several bags were also stolen from his house after a glass door was smashed.

However, Sturridge clearly was not concerned about either his home or the bags, taking to ​Instagram to offer up to $30,000 (about £24,000) for the return of his dog, insisting that he would not ask any questions and would pay up instantly.

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