Nigerians Chose Between N5 Million and a Permanent Residency in Canada (Video)

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 21 – There is no place like home!

The mantra is evergreen but grim economic realities in Nigeria have made people to reconsider what they see as ‘home’. In the last few years, the penchant to leave the country has increased due to the economic recession, which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Nigeria is finally recovering from.

While many have given up on the country, some Nigerians believe in staying in their motherland if their economic conditions can improve significantly.

If you were given a sum of N5 Million, would you rather fly away to cold, distant Canada and live there permanently or stay in Nigeria and try to make your environment more comfortable to live in for you.

Today’s Echo finds out from Nigerians on the street in this new video.

Watch below:

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