Nigerian man allegedly rents out wife’s room, relocates her to parlour

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A Nigerian man has allegedly rented out his wife’s room and relocated her to the parlour. Feeling cheated, the pained woman identified as Umma Bashir, has since dragged her husband to a sharia court, in Kaduna State over the incident.

It was there she explained how she suddenly came home and saw her property moved out.

She said:

I returned home from an errand, only to see my bedroom locked and belongings moved to the sitting room.

“When I confronted my husband, he told me that it was his room and that he had the right to do whatever he wished with it.”

Umma mentioned that her two co-wives were living in a two-bedroom apartment each with their children while she was unduly left with one room along with her children.

She has since moved to her parents house pending the period of time the case would be resolved.

The accused said:

I informed her that I would rent out one of the rooms, to enable me to renovate an apartment I was planning to relocate her to.”

After listening to the couple, the judge Malam Musa Sa’ad said it was the responsibility of the husband to provide shelter for his family, stressing that “in Islam, it is wrong for husband and wife to live in one room with two teenagers.”

The case was adjourned until April 18.

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