A Nigerian lady known as Olori Formular1 (@reverenceoruerio) on Instagram was shocked to find her body on display on social media with someone else’s face photoshopped to it. The body thief, Olivet Timipere (@olivsparks) took a photo of Olori to pass off as her own. She then replaced Olori’s face with hers and posted it online. She has however apologised for the body theft after she was called out.

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Read her response below:

One of Olori’s posts reads:

“Somebody please tell me, what kind of desperation is this? Why will somebody Photoshop my picture like this? My Body, someone’s face. Biko what do I do please, I’m confused.”

In another, she wrote:

“@olivsparks kindly take down my picture on both your FB & Instagram pages within the next 24 hours please. Meanwhile, reflect on your write up and live it. Send me a dm, I’m sending you this dress #olorif1.”

Following the callout, Olivet has changed her Facebook profile name and has deleted all her photos. She has also made her Instagram account private.

The original picture