Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Saudi Concert In Support Of Women, LGBT Rights

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Nicki Minaj has disclosed that she cancelled a scheduled performance in Saudi Arabia next week, because of her support for the rights of women and the LGBT community.

“After careful reflection I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest. While I want nothing more than to bring my show to fans in Saudi Arabia, after better educating myself on the issues, I believe it is important for me to make clear my support for the rights of women, the LGBTQ community and freedom of expression,” Minaj said in a statement to the Associated Press.

Minaj was originally scheduled to headline the concert on July 18.

In Saudi Arabia, gender segregation between single men and women is still enforced in many restaurants, coffee shops, public schools and universities, but other rules have loosened with women now allowed to drive and attend events in sports stadiums.

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