My bed is now a slaughter slab: young man boasts of his sexual prowess

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A young man has boasted of his reputation with women, as a promiscous lover. He shared his story on popular online forum, Nairaland, written below:

“I used to be a one woman man, as long as I am in a relationship, there was no space in my heart for any other woman.I loved a girl so much and gave her everything, but she paid me back by cheating on me.well before you conclude that I did not satisfy her enough, I want to let you know that I am a born stud,girls testify to her cheating has nothing to do with sex,it was purely out of her greed.”

I had to get rid of her so fast she didn’t even know how,I mourned her for a week, and finally sent her file to the bin.the hurt I felt ended up resetting my emotions,previously I only had space in my heart for only one girl at a time,but now my heart has been opened up for as many girls as possible, currently am rocking 6 girls and am treating them equally, no commitment, just sex and more sex.I will eventually marry one,but for now, let the moanings continue, I just pity my neighbours because it gets louder and louder,depending on the girl.

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